Your Roadmap to Money in the 2020s

Your Essential 2020s Guide: to Survive and Thrive the Inevitable Coming Mega-Storm

From The Desk Of:
Mark Joyner
Washington, DC

In 1995 I invented an invisible technology that took over the world.

Contrary to what the tech pundits say, it wasn't an accident.  

On this page, I will reveal exactly how I did it.

I'll also reveal how you can use the same methodology to make uncanny (and profitable) predictions about the future.

It's not magic.  But to the uninitiated, it sure looks like it.  

Read on ...

So, what is it?

Well, you never see it.  But you interact with it every day.  

Indeed, anyone connected to the Internet does.

It's called the "tracking pixel."

It's but one of the many technologies I invented that are now used every day all over the world

How was I able to be so ahead of my time?

I'll reveal that in a moment.

But first ... 

If you're in a hurry and want to learn:

  • 12 sure-fire brand new growth industries to tap into for immediate profit
  • The "3 Essential Hedges" every man woman and child must deploy immediately to survive the coming mega-storm
  • The 7 most radically unexpected emergent economic trends that will change the face of business forever
  • How to be among the fortunate 1% who will pass through the winning end of the coming "Great Economic Schism"
  • And much more ...

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OK, so how did I do it?

Well, it's a simple matter of knowing which numbers matter... 

...and which numbers don't.

For example...

You're not going to have much luck predicting the future by looking at the stock market.

The Fed numbers won't help either.

Neither will GDP... CPI... inflation... etc or any of the other numbers the business and finance pundits have trained us to obsess over. 

What do these numbers have in common?  Well, most think they are indicators of natural phenomena.  When, in reality, they are all highly manipulated.

By whom, you ask?

It's debatable.  No one really knows.  So, let me simplify it for you:  not by you.  That's all you really need to know.

See, if some unknown force is changing things, how can you predict what they'll do next?

Exactly.  You can't.

So ... 

What can we know?

Here's one big hint...

If you understand the above graph, you'll know more about the future than 99% of the population.

The blue line represents a "linear growth curve."

The green line is an "exponential growth curve."

Here's the most important thing you need to know:

Technology is now improving at an exponential rate.

Well, it always has been.

The difference is that the rate of change is now so fast ... we are experiencing a "paradigm shift" almost every single day.

Look... the future has always been uncertain.

The difference today is: things are moving so fast we can't even be certain about many basic things we once took for granted.

For example... when technological paradigm shifts are happening every single day now... how can we be sure our business models will even be valid tomorrow?

Crazy, right?

By now it's surely becoming clear: we need a new playbook.

And here it is ...

Get Your Roadmap to Money in the 2020s 
+ All 7 Bonus Profit Multipliers

You'll receive instant download access to the book,
a 2022-2023 forecast, plus all 7 profit multipliers

Inside you'll also discover ...

  • IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN SLAPPED BY FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE we'll show you exactly how to make yourself independent of big tech - and be more profitable without them - starting today.   
  • MOST BUSINESSES WILL SOON BE CAUGHT UNAWARES by the tech shifts that are silently happening behind the scenes.  "Forewarned is forearmed", as they say.   Instead of being surprised, why not be positioned to profit.
  • THE COUNTER-INTUITIVE MOVES REQUIRED to protect your financial portfolio from the coming disaster. 
  • THE CUNNING STEALTH PLAYS the savviest tech giants are making now to reap unprecedented profits when the storm hits. 
  • GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD ARE QUIETLY INSTALLING "MYSTERY TOWERS" IN every city ... every town ... every neighborhood.  This is an "open secret" that is easy to verify.  What are they for?  And how will they change literally everything about your day to day life?
  • THE BIGGEST THREAT TO BLOCKCHAIN IS HIDING IN PLAIN SITE but even the alleged "crypto experts" are completely unaware.  If you're investing in cryptocurrency or participating in blockchain / "web 3.0" in any capacity, you absolutely must prepare for this. 
  • IF I LOST EVERYTHING TODAY, I'D IMMEDIATELY start taking advantage of a specific brand new business model that allows anyone, even with zero business experience, to reap profits - month in, month out - after setting up just one deal.
  • TECHNOLOGY IS LOWERING GLOBAL IQ, BUT if you know this one trick, you can actually give yourself a scientifically verifiable IQ boost while the rest of the world is taking an IQ hit.
  • IF YOU FOLLOW THESE 5 SIMPLE RULES, IT WILL LOOK LIKE YOU CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE and amaze your friends.  But, more importantly, use the same rules to surprise your banker and your family with surprise windfall profits.
  • WHY "MOBILE" AS YOU KNOW IT IS DEAD - and the surprising new tech no one expected poised to replace it.
  • THE ONLY REAL WAY TO "PREP" FOR "SHTF" SCENARIOS that none of the people peddling survivalist products will tell you about.  (My friends in the spec ops community are all in agreement and have urged me to get the word out about this.)
  • THE COMING GLOBAL CRIME WAVE and how to make sure you and your family are safe and secure.  (Hint:  locks on your doors simply won't be enough.  This, however, will.)
  • And so much more ... 

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"Ideas are in the air".  Easy to say.  And true!  But ... do you know how to tap into the infinite well-spring of ideas?  Using a simple, and well-documented trick of nuero-science, even the most uncreative people can suddenly find themselves performing astonishing feats of creative genius.  Try it!  Bonus:  use this same technique to never run out of things to say when you first meet someone.  

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Richard Webster not only has the rare distinction of being one of the few authors in history to sell over 1,000,000 copies of one of his books ... he's also one of the most prolific authors in history, having written 107 books (so far!) ... In this surprisingly candid interview Richard reveals exactly how he does it.  HINT:  he says he's not a genius - and that you can follow in his footsteps if you only take the first step.

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Get Your Roadmap to Money in the 2020s 
+ All 7 Bonus Profit Multipliers

You'll receive instant download access to the book,
a 2022-2023 forecast, plus all 7 profit multipliers

All for Just $9.97!

Why Such a Low Price?
Read on...

One thing you'll learn in business...

It's all about the customer relationship.

See, I know if I can "love bomb" you with an absurdly high amount of value for an astonishingly low price... well, of course you'll want to do business with me in the future.

Simple, right?  Well, almost... 

TIP:  This should never be a "bait and switch."

See, here's what some guys do:  they sell you something at a low price only to tell you later that you actually need to buy something else to solve your problem.

They think they're being clever, but ... it's dumb.  They're burning a potentially lucrative relationship for a quick buck.

Here's How Far I'll Go to Earn Your Business...

The "Love It or Steal It" Guarantee

Love It! ... Or Steal It

If you don't think this was the smartest purchase you've ever made in your life...  If you don't like my shaved head or the cut of my jib...  If you are unhappy with this purchase for any reason... Send an email to and they'll issue you a prompt and courteous full refund on the spot. No questions asked.  

And Get This ...

You Won't Even Have to Return the Book or Any of the Bonuses. (Yes.  You read that right.)

Fair Enough?

Get Your Roadmap to Money in the 2020s 
+ All 7 Bonus Profit Multipliers

You'll receive instant download access to the book,
a 2022-2023 forecast, plus all 7 profit multipliers

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